Unequaled quality

PLASTIQUES DELVALLEE puts at your disposal its know-how, proven for more than 50 years, in the following domains:

Inventory of Know-How

Exceptional products

INDUSTRY: Collaborative conception of supports and box with pharmaceutical and medical vocation.

PLASTIQUES DELVALLEE puts its technical and multisector know-how at the disposal of healthcare professionals to cover their needs in terms of medical logistics and operating media.

INDUSTRY: Collaborative design of food racks and accessories

PLASTIQUES DELVALLEE produces for food markets packaging and plastic supports with technical characteristics that meet the high requirements and specific specifications of its sponsors.

INDUSTRY: Design transparent technical parts

Plastiques DELVALLÉE has developed, in partnership with its customers, proven expertise in the injection of complex parts perfectly transparent.

INDUSTRY: Design Opaque thick pieces

Our recognized know-how allows us to meet the highest requirements and meet the most demanding specifications.

PLASTIQUES DELVALLEE offers in particular the injection of parts up to 32 mm thick.

INDUSTRY: Design Transparent thick pieces

Plastiques DELVALLÉE applies his technical mastery.

It adds to the transparency the technical difficulty of the thick layers.

INDUSTRY: Design of Technical Parts

Creative, PLASTIQUES DELVALLÉE has designed and developed a number of products.

In a spirit of partnership, PLASTIQUES DELVALLÉE accompanies you and puts at your disposal all its experience, its know-how and its mastery. It contributes to the realization of your projects.

Plastiques Delvallee

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